CM-Motorcycle Mechanics ILM

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AIT First Period Package

190101d - Communications and Trade Specific Safety

190101e - Materials and Fastening Devices

190101f - Hand, Shop and Power Tools

190101g - Measuring Tools

190101h - Oxyacetylene Equipment, Heating and Cutting

190102c - Bearings and Seals

190102d - Wheels, Tires and Hubs

190103a - Hydraulic Brake System Fundamentals

190103b - Hydraulic Brake System (Drum and Disc)

190103c - Hydraulic Brake System Diagnosis and Service

190103d - Hydraulic Brake Booster System Fundamentals

190104a - Electrical Theory

190104b - Electrical Circuits

190104c - Magnetism

190104d - Test Equipment

190104e - Battery Fundamentals and Service

190104f - Electrical Wiring, Lighting Circuits and Circuit Protection

109104g - Basic Electronics

190104h - Electronic Control Systems